The Monday Morning Blueprint

Welcome back to another edition of the Monday Morning Blueprint. How was your weekend? I had a very busy weekend of sorting and logging inventory. If you follow my stores on Instagram you already know that we are slowly expanding to offer apparel in addition to fabulous jewelry that we already offer. If you haven’t checked out the store you can do so here. How did you do on last week’s goals? As you can see, I’ve had a couple of items on my list spill over for a couple of weeks now, which now means they are the priority for this week. I’m ready to kick butt on this week’s goal. Who’s with me?  Let’s get started.

This week’s quote:



Let’s see how I did on last week’s goals…

  • Pack lunch for work daily
  • Film and edit YouTube video
  • Make YouTube calendar
  • Set-up ad space
  • Plan school shopping list.

Let’s dive into this week’s goals…

  • Pack lunch for work daily (I must say I’m proud of myself for being able to accomplish this goal each week. I’m not only consuming healthy food, I’m saving money also. That’s a win in my book.)
  • Drink water daily (I added this back on my list because I have fallen off of drinking water daily and I can tell the difference in my energy level.)
  • Film and edit YouTube video (I’m still new to YouTube and want to try to post video at least once a week. I would love for you to subscribe to my channel if you’re interested.)
  • Make YouTube calendar (In order for me to stay organized and focused, I need a calendar to help me track and meet the above goal.)
  • Write blog post to coincide with video (I got last week’s video filmed, I’m working on the blog post to go with it)
  • Launch clothing in Sakura Luxe (I’m excited to be able to offer customers additional purchase options in the store. Every girl needs options, right?)
  • Set-up ad space (I’m working to simplify the process for businesses and blogs to advertise of this site.)

Let me know what goals you would like to get accomplished this week or share your favorite motivational quote in the comments below.

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I’m a wife, mother and owner of Sakura Luxe living my life in sunny California. I love to create handmade things but I also love to inspire others to live their best lives. Blogging is a great way to marry those passions.

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  1. Apryl says:

    Great tips! I am getting better with planning my week and it has been so helpful. I feel less out of control and feel I am getting more accomplished. Thanks for sharing!

    • Laryssa says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, planning helps you stay focused on what needs to get done. I’ve also found that since planning I get a lot more done.

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