Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Essentials 1

At long last, things are finally starting to heat up! Now that the sun is brighter and the days are longer are you looking for summer products that are sure to have you looking and feeling great this summer? Whether you’re relaxing by the pool, beach or headed to work, this summer beauty essentials list will get you through the hottest of days.

Summer Essentials 2


  1. Sunscreen SPF 30: The most important product for those sunny days is sunscreen to shield your body and face from harmful rays.
  2. Lip Balm with SPF: Swapping your current lip balm with one that has SPF built-in will help keep your lips looking and feeling healthy this summer.
  3. Cleansing Wipes: After a day out in the heat and sun, your skin will be begging for a serious scrub! Wipes get rid of dirt and grime and help hydrate your skin.
  4. Bright Color Nail Polish: Now that sandal season is here, who can go out without pretty toes?
  5. Skin Moisturizer: Replenish moisture after a long day at the beach has left your skin feeling parched.
  6. Leave-in Conditioner: Perfect for moisturizer hair without the weight. As an added bonus, some leave-ins contain a UVA protection which is great protection in the sun. 
  7. Water: Substituting those sugary drinks for water will help keep you hydrated and help limit unwanted calories during bikini season.

What are your favorite summer beauty essentials? Tell us in the comments below.





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