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Shop My Stash

I went into Shop My Stash with nothing but the best intentions. Everything was going well until December 26, 2013. What happened? The Bath and Body Works after Christmas sale is what happened! I told myself that I would purchase upcoming birthday gifts at an amazing price. Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. All sense of will restraint was gone. The already discounted prices coupled with a discount code found online made the deal too good to pass on. I purchased three-wick candles, lotions, and body sprays. I purchased $200 dollars in items for just under $60 dollars. The upside is that I didn’t touch my savings; I used a gift card that I was holding on too. Aside from that one slip up, I have been doing great. I have been saving money, gaining storage space, and re-discovering products I haven’t used in a while. If you joined me in Shopping Your Stash, how have you done?

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