How I Save Money On Single-Serve Coffee

I’m writing this quick post to let you all know of the amazing deal I found at my local Dollar Tree (your can learn more about my Dollar Store addiction here). I was recently there and found reusable single-serve coffee filters. You heard me correctly…reusable single service coffee filters for only a dollar.

Single Serve Coffee Filter

I’m not sure which model coffee makers these fit but I’ve already confirmed it works in my coffeemaker ( affiliate link Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffeemaker) so I went back and purchased a second filter as back up. Now I can enjoy my favorite coffee with the convenience of the single-serve machine and no more guilt about sending those little plastic cups to the landfills.

If you’re tired of wasting spending money on single-serve coffee cups or pods check out your local Dollar Tree to see if they have them in stock.

How do you save money on you save money on your single-serve coffee cups or pods?



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