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If you’ve been following me for a while you know there are two things I love, my planner, and a deal. You can find a read all about my planner here. In my quest to stay on track, I carry my planner with me daily to jot down ideas, appointment, bills, etc. I love to decorate my planner with colored pens, washi tape, and stickers and needed a convenient way to keep a few of my favorite planner supplies with me. After a little research, I was able to find the perfect case. The problem was that at $8 it was not the perfect price (I don’t like paying full price when it can be avoided) so I began looking for a discount code.

After a little digging, I was able to locate a discount code online and scored this baby for……wait for it….wait for it…..$1.80. I ordered the case on September 5th and it arrived on September 19th. Not bad for $1.80.

Planner Supply Storage 2Planner Supply Storage

Now, I want to share the love with you. If you sign up and download the wish app through my link* you will get $10 off your first purchase! They have lots of things for less than $10 and you can score some awesome planner essentials for the price of shipping. Tip: Look for $1 or $2 shipping! If you are interested in this particular item, search for “pouch” or “passport” and various option will populate.

Share your tips for planner supply storage on a budget in the comments below.

 * This post contains an affiliate link. Signing up through it helps support the purchases I share with you on this blog and I’d be  grateful.



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