Painted Keys DIY

Painted Keys DIY

Who says keys have to be boring? This mini project will satisfy the DIY newbie itch in literally less than an hour.

Things you will need:

  • Keys
  • Colored Nail Polish (minimum one color for each key)
  • Glitter polish (optional)
  • Top Coat Nail Polish (optional)
  • Painters Tape

Key Polish_edited


What to do?

  • Wrap tape around the portion of the key that you do not want to paint.

Key Polish 2_edited


  • Paint one side of the key with colored nail polish. Wait for it to dry. Then apply another coat of polish. Let dry. (Note: I used three coats to achieve the look I desired)

Key Polish 3_edited

  • Once dry, flip the key over and paint the other side of the key following the same steps above. Note: You can also add polka dots, strips, etc. before painting the top coat or strips. Just make sure you allow each coat to dry before painting an additional coat.
  • Once both sides have achieved your desired look, add either a coat of glitter polish or clear top coat to both sides.

Key Polish 4_edited

 Key Polish 4_edited



  • Once dried, add your custom painted keys back to your key ring.



Key Polish 6_edited

Having color coded keys will end the search to find the right key on your ring. WarningI would not suggest painting the portion of the key that goes in the keyhole. I could alter the keys functionality. What cute and creative ways do you distinguish your keys?

Add your link in the comments below with your completed painted keys DIY. I’d love to see them.




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