Mind Right Monday

Mind Right Monday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It was downright cold here in Southern California over the weekend. My weekend consisted of throw blankets, thick socks, warm drinks and lots of scary movies.  I really hated to see the weekend go, but now it’s time to get back to work.

Now, let’s get this week started with the motivational quote below.

This week’s motivational quote is from an unknown source, “Never let your fear decide your future.” Playing it safe is one of the riskiest choices you can make. You cannot grow unless you are willing to change and adapt. By clinging to what used to be because it’s familiar and comfortable we limit our self-improvement.




Let’s see how I did on last week’s goals…

  • Post to Let’s Talk Sakura Luxe at least three times, including this post
  • Drink water daily
  • Print and file receipts for tax purposes
  • Update Media Kit
  • Switch payment gateways
  • Add Gift Guide Page
  • Create Blog Folder
  • Send over interview questions for blog interview


 Let’s dive into this week’s goals…

  • Post to Let’s Talk Sakura Luxe at least three times, including this post
  • Drink water daily
  • Publish Gift Guide
  • Deposit check in business account
  • Make services and rates page
  • Send 10 pitches
  • Respond to pitches received
  • Pull out warm clothing from storage
  • Complete blog planner folder
  • Add a Projects/DIY Page

This week I am grateful for…

  • Heat
  • Warm Socks
  • My strength
  • My support system


If you would like to participate in Mind Right Monday visit Ok, Dani and her co-hosts Dear Darrica, and Mamademics to link up. If you are want to participate in sharing Monday Motivation visit The Reflections of a Good Woman and link up.


Let me know what goals you would like to get accomplished this week or share your favorite motivational quote in the comments below.



I’m a wife, mother and owner of Sakura Luxe living my life in sunny California. I love to create handmade things but I also love to inspire others to live their best lives. Blogging is a great way to marry those passions.

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  1. McFlono says:

    01 Jul 22, 2012 2:45 am Wow I got an email from you to check out your videos. I thuohgt it was some sort of scam at first, but, surprisingly, the video in the email link described something about time management , which I severely lack right now. After watching this video, I feel like I should cherish my time instead of dreading the boredom. I should add more gold to my hours instead of just passing through time in an empty train. ThankS!

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