Gold Studded Pumpkins

Studded Pumpkin

There are so many ways to spruce up pumpkins.This year I gave it a try after receiving inspiration from one of my favorite YouTubers. Thumbtacks easily give a glam look to inexpensive pumpkins and these studded pumpkins are the perfect addition to our fall décor. All you need is Styrofoam pumpkins and thumbtacks. I was able to pick up my pumpkins from Target’s Dollar Spot and the thumbtacks from Dollar Tree.

Studded Pumpkin

I went with straight lines down the seams of the pumpkin to create the studded look, but you can make any design that tickles your fancy. It’s as simple as pushing the thumbtacks in your desired design into the pumpkins. If you mess up simply pull out the thumbtacks and start over.

Studded Pumpkin 2

Studded Pumpkin 3



How about making some of these gold studded pumpkins to add to your Fall décor?



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