Friday Favorites

Welcome to this week’s Friday Favorites, where I share random things that have occupied my mind over the week.  This week I wanted to focus on stylish organization to help GET RID OF CLUTTER in the New Year.


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1. I love the look of this Brass Magazine Rack. It’s a stylish way to store magazines you haven’t gotten around to reading. It can also double as file storage if you don’t have room for a file cabinet.

Brass Magazine Rack


2. These Brass Bamboo Boxes are perfect for storing away those small odds and ends on your desk. I’ve been looking for some chic storage for my bookshelf and I think these might do the trick.

Storage Box


3. This Chukker Leather Log Basket is perfect for storing extra throw blankets or small toys.

Leather Basket


4. How chic is this Blue Dot Dang File Pedestal? You just can’t go wrong with gold and white. I love that this doesn’t have that industrial office look. It could seamlessly blend in with your home decor.



5.  Mirrors aren’t just for walls—this elegant cabinet offers function and versatility. This Flora Mirrored Cabinet is perfect for just about any room. No one would ever guess you’re using it to store unsightly items from view.



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