Friday Favorites – Cleaning Products

Favorite Cleaning Products

Today, I’m sharing Friday Favorites – Cleaning Products. This is a list of five of my favorite household cleaning products. For the record, I haven’t completely switched over to natural cleaning products but I’m working on it 🙂

Favorite Cleaning Products 2

  1. White Vinegar – I use vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean glass and mirrors. You can also use straight vinegar if you want something stronger. I also use the same solution to mop around my dogs crate to control pet odors. Vinegar can also be poured down smelly drains and disposals to eliminate odor.  If you can’t stand the smell of the vinegar, add your favorite essential oil to it.
  2. Rinso Magic Sponge – These little sponges work like magic. They are perfect for removing scuff marks from walls and baseboards, crayon marks, ink and soap scum from ceramic tile bathtubs.
  3. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner – I’ve only recently tried Mrs. Meyer’s, but so far I’m hooked. I love the multi-surface cleaner and countertop spray. I’m not quite sold on the hand soap, but dish liquid seems to also work well. My favorite scents to date are basil, peony (limited edition scent), and honeysuckle.
  4. Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover – This stuff is awesome! It not only removes both new and old stains. It’s my go-to product for removing sweat stains from my boys white tees. A drop is all you need to remove oil, grease, paint, make-up, grass, clay, ink, blood, baby food, tar, coffee, rust, betadine, pet stains, and fabric bleed.
  5. Barkeepers Friend – Is a mild abrasive that’s perfect for shining stainless steel, removing scratches from porcelain sinks and tubs, and cleaning enamel cookware. If you have a stainless steel sink or fixtures – this is a MUST!

Now that you know my five favorite household cleaning products, don’t forget to share yours in the comment section below.

Here is a convenient (affiliate) link if you would like to order any my favorite household cleaning products online.  Find out where I purchased my products by watching the video below.

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