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Hello, my name is Laryssa and I am addicted to dollar stores. No seriously, I’m so familiar with the 99 Cents Only store that I simply call it the 99 and my family knows what I’m referring to. When shopping stores like this you have to be selective of the items you pick up or else you will end up with a shopping cart full of items you didn’t need or want prior to entering the store. Trust me, I know from personal experience. When I first discovered dollar stores I would go in for a couple of items and end up leaving the store having spent twenty dollars.  I know you’re saying that doesn’t sound too bad but when you find yourself visiting the store more than once a week it can quickly add up.

After a few months, I learned how to turn off my impulse buying and purchase only the things I truly need or want.  I thought I would begin sharing my dollar store decor finds with you here on the blog as I find them.

Let’s get started on my latest finds:

I absolutely love this piece. It’s a bit small, but I have a DIY project in mind for it to make it a more substantial piece. Once completed I will share it with you all.


99 Cent Only Store

I love the face on this decorative bowl. It’s the perfect bowl to store a few of my jewelry pieces. I’m on the fence as to if I will leave it white or spray paint it a nice bright color.


99 Cent Only Store


That’s it for this week. What are some of your favorite dollar store finds? Let me know it the comments below.



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