Choosing A Planner That’s Right For You

There are tons of different types of planners out there to choose from and I know from personal experience that choosing the right planner can be overwhelming. I can’t tell you which planner is right for you, as every person’s needs are different. However, I can share a few questions to ask yourself before purchasing a planner. These are the questions I asked myself before purchasing my current planner that I thought may help you narrow the selection.

Choosing A Planner Thats Right For You 2


What will be the purpose of your planner and does it fit your lifestyle?

Don’t buy a planner because it looks good or because the system works for someone else. You want a planner that fits with your lifestyle. There are many selections out there so chances of you finding one are high.

Will you be using the planner for home or office use? Maybe you will be using it for both?

Lifestyle and work demands are important considerations when deciding what sort of planner you need.

Page Layout

Which page layout works best for you?

Planners are not a one size fits all purchase. Determine if you prefer a horizontal or vertical layout.

Will you need to see your day in great detail or is a page per week enough?

Below are three of most popular layouts on the market today.

  • Day Per Page or Two Pages)
  • Week On One Page
  • Week on Two Pages

Choosing A Planner Thats Right For You

Spiral or Rings

Do you want to keep the planner as is or do you want customize it to your liking?

It comes down to personal preference. It’s rare to find a planner that has everything you need without having to make modifications. The best thing about rings is that you can purchase, download, and print your own inserts. It can be difficult to add to a spiral planner.

Size and Weight

Where will you keep it? Does it need to be portable and fit in a purse or backpack?

Smaller planners have smaller pages. If you have large handwriting (like me) you may require a lot more space to write on. If you plan to carry your planner with you daily, be sure to choose a size and weight that you feel comfortable carrying around. I have a large Kikki K and find that it works for me by carrying in my work bag.


What is your price limit?

Planners exist at all price points.  As a matter of fact, the dollar store carries them. However, you may have to sacrifice style and design at this price point.  Using a dollar store planner can help you become more in tune with your personal needs when it comes to a planner before making a more substantial purchase.

Feel free to watch my video explaining how I chose my planner and share additional tips in the comment section below.


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