Balance in the New Year




Work and life balance is a serious challenge for a lot of new business owners. Although we recognize the importance of “down-time” we find it to be one of the most challenging goals to reach. Let’s face it our work schedules don’t always fall between nine to five. As new business owners, we focus on making sure our clients’ needs are taken care of and begin to neglect our own. With the New Year, it’s the perfect time to take steps to achieve the balance you are desperately seeking.

Let go of the guilt.

The guilt of not spending enough time with our families and not spending enough time on our business is what’s known as “twin guilt.” Guilt is only wasted energy which benefits you in no way. Let it go!

List your priorities

Make two separate priority lists, one for your family and one for your career. Set your goals and stick to it!

Delegate, delegate, delegate!
Let those around you shoulder the workload and take some responsibility. It’s okay to feel tempted to do it yourself, but you will stress yourself out trying to do it all.

Treat yourself

It’s important to treat yourself to something special occasionally. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or sign up for that Yoga class you have been eyeing!

How do you find balance in the New Year?




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