5 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

It August, which means that school is just around the corner for children all across the nation. If you’re like the masses and waited to the last minute to get your shopping done, we’ve got you covered with 5 ways to save money on back to school shopping.

5 Ways tosave money onback to schoolshopping

  1. Take inventory: Start by taking inventory of the supplies you already own. Go through desks and junk drawers. It’s amazing how many forgotten supplies you have on hand that are on the school supply checklist.
  2. Make a list of necessities: You will thank yourself later if you stick to the list. This is to help keep you from forgetting the necessary items, or purchasing stuff you don’t need or already have. Note: Be sure to check your child’s school supply list to ensure they have everything they need on the first day of school.
  3. Make a budget and stick to it: Before you begin shopping, determine how much you can afford to spend. Utilize your list of necessities to help determine your budget. Note: Many stores have back to school clearance sales shortly after school begins to make room for other items when this happens stock up if you can!
  4. Shop sales and use coupons: To get the best deals, comparison shop sale items and use coupons. Smartphone apps and the Internet are great ways find sales, coupons, and cash back offers. Don’t rule out your local drug stores and office supply stores. This time of year many are offering very competitive sales. If you don’t have access to coupons in the Sunday paper, you can also find discounts and coupons online. Note: When shopping for clothing, purchase items that can be worn during other seasons.
  5. Get creative: Basic school supplies always cost less than the fancier ones. Save money by customizing basic folders and notebooks with photos, stickers and markers to make items unique.

I have included a free printable to help make planning your shopping trip easier. Enjoy!

Back to School Shopping List

Download here

If you find these tips useful let me know in the comment section below.





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  1. Apryl says:

    My boys are in preschool so I am just getting a taste of the back to school craze. You have shared some great tips. I am am true bargain shopper. I rarely buy anything thing without a coupon and now that I have coupon apps on my smartphone, I don’t even have to keep up with the paper. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiffani G says:

    Thanks for the printable! It’s going to come in handy when I scool shop for my boys. Besides uniforms, each school its list of classroom essentials. Your checklist will help me keep everything in order!

    • Laryssa says:

      It’s amazing how many school supplies are left at the end of each year. Taking inventory definitely saves money. Thanks for stopping by.

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